mani When drawing aims to freeze space and time “I still represent an action frozen in time. I then have the impression of taking a photograph of my imagination. Most people see it as a narrative, whereas I can’t tell where my characters were before and where they will be afterwards.” journey MECHANICS AND TIME […]


beerens Diving through schools of wallfish “It’s amazing that while for most people my paintings depict a vertical plane with a swimmer looking up, for me it’s a horizontal plane, and I’m looking at the end of the tunnel.” journey an evolving style schools of fish painting and diving street cred journey Your career has […]


jaeraymie Transform words into murals “No matter what graphic identity emerges from a series, for me the most important thing is to transmit an emotion, to tell a story.” journey THE SEARCH FOR A VISUAL SIGNATURE THE CHOICE OF GLUING A SERIAL WORK URBAN thoughts journey How did you become an artist? I started Street-Art […]

Dime One

Dime One north wales, UK liverpool, UK How did you begin to work in the street? I got into painting through all the early breakdancing / graffiti that arrived in the early 80’s, but it wasn’t until about 86/87 before I started painting. Why street is a specific space for creation? It’s great painting something […]


furniss Telling stories through voice and image “It all starts with writing and vision, aesthetics and atmosphere.” essays The scene as a step Telling a story through voice, writing and image Create at 20 years old essays Essays, can refer both to a first draft, but also to a period of your life. The EP […]

The Cyklop

the cyklop Poles to keep an eye on passers-by “To paint life size is to add characters to the street.” Birth of CyKlops What is a cyklop? Cyklops in the heart of the city A cyklop in contamporan art Birth of CyKlops How did you become an urban artist? I never stopped drawing. When I […]

Nadège Dauvergne

Nadège dauvergne The foxes have entered Paris “I think that this living dimension, the fact that a work can be damaged or torn apart, brings the artist back to a certain humility, which puts us in our place.” Venus and pubs from the billboard to the city walls exodus Thoughts on urban art Venus and […]

Laurent Durieux

laurent durieux From Metropolis to Jaws, Cinema through the poster “An image that is not narrative does not tell anything.” early career Understanding the poster Poster design Telling a story early career How did you become a film poster specialist? I started drawing my first posters in 2005, which were not film posters. I inserted […]

Lego To The Party

lego to the party The great adventure of small figurines “Lego convey all these sensations that come from childhood: imagination, smiles, joy, memory.” journey lego: the big adventure the street as a resonance box FIGURINES OF UNIVERSAL RENOWN journey How did you start working on Legos? As a child, I spent more hours drawing on […]

Myriam Greff

Myriam Greff Kintsugi literally means “gold joints”. This technique of restoring ceramics is the art of fixing broken pottery with lacquer and gold dust, thus revealing the traces of the repair, while allowing the object to be reused. Legend has it that in the 15th century the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa sent a damaged bowl of […]

Philippe Hérard

PHILIPPE HERARD Shadows and lines the Gugusses Relationship to the street Atmosphere Shadows and lines A text by Gérard Pisana tells us that when you wake up you first paint the background. Then you add and scratch the layers of paint…. Until today I don’t like working on a white background, so I smear the […]

Cooking on TV

cooking on tv Recipe programs: the origins of entertainment from the master kitchen to the bedroom kitchen. A social marker of change between men and women? The 2000s: from Bon appétit of course! to Top Chef. The emission of recipes in the era of the Internet and new media. Recipe programs: the origins of entertainment […]

John Hamon

john hamon The promotion of the artist or the zero degree of art The artist and the world The poster: medium and message? Street-art and cultural institutions The promotion of the artist or the zero degree of art It is easy to summarize your work with the sentence: “It is the promotion that makes the […]


Levalet The world is a theatre, the street is its stage “I think it is much easier to achieve a somewhat tragic awareness by the burlesque than by the tragedy itself.” From video to motion decomposition the street as a working space Technique and choice of gluing the representation of man From video to motion […]


airwan isle groove And pastel flames set fire to the subway “I think that there are encounters that can only be born of silence, distance and a particular form of attention to specific things.” path on the faces and the choice of the pastel the advertising poster and the question of format a nameless trace […]

Codex Urbanus

CODEX URBANUS Fantastic and Free Animals “Street Art is an Art of Gimmick, where each artist has a pattern that he repeats.” First steps and technique the Codex Urbanus Influences in art history about Street-Art First steps and technique When did you start to get interested in street art? I came here late because it […]


zariel When you look at the abyss, the abyss also looks into you. “Lovecraft is a single sailor in his lighthouse; but after all, there are still sailors alone in their lighthouse today.” Continue ! tell a story build an image Lovecraft and the abyss continue ! The title of your last exhibition Continue! seems […]


Nosbé When the repetition of the pattern brings the living out “What amazes me is that Mother Nature has thought of everything: a fish from the bottom of the deep is still much stranger than one of my creations.” premiers pas from line to fresco the deformation of living organisms wasteland painting first steps How […]

The Glass House

The glass house Meeting with its owner, Robert Rubin “We must understand the house as a very poetic idea of the possibilities offered by prefabrication, just as a car from 1896 is a very poetic idea of transport.” path Chareau’s work: an avant-garde architecture The unique project of a machine house Preservation and future of […]

Jean Faucheur

jean faucheur Vingt fois sur le métier remettez votre ouvrage “I think that the works have a mysterious way of acting, a mystery whose foam is only perceived. But they even work once they are destroyed.” first urban steps a constantly changing creation At the origin of the M.U.R.: the street is a breeding ground […]