Jérôme Rasto

jérôme rasto The very rich hours of the Mushroom Kingdom “The distinction between Good and Evil remains a central theme today, which I am the first to question. There are sometimes apocalyptic representations in my work because these are feelings that we can have within us. I don’t try to bring out the idea that […]

Gérald Garutti

gérald garutti Interpreting the world to make it visible “Telling a story is telling the world. By definition, by vocation, the theatre gives to see. Theatron is the place from which we see, the place of vision. A vision that also passes through the ear. …] Vision, history, incarnation, presentation, presence, present, breath, breath, speech, […]

Paella ?

Paella ? Deconstructing false evidence through language “It is the characteristic of the arts to give free rein to each person’s interpretation when it comes to the way in which one projects oneself in a character, in an atmosphere, in a colour. Through these mind games, I try to appeal to the references and the […]

Noty Aroz

noty aroz The pantheon of our new icons “Brad Pitt is to us exactly like Batman. We’ll never meet him in our lives. To us he’s a fictional character, or at least everything we can see of him is fiction.” journey THE MYTHOLOGENY: A CONCEPT BETWEEN THE HERO AND THE DEITY A RESEARCH WORK ON […]


Parvati Birds halfway between heaven and earth “I believe that we must really distinguish between aesthetics and Beauty: Beauty cannot be the pretty, nor is it the peaceful or the pleasant.” journey COLLAGE AND THE STREET OF HUMAN BIRDS URBAN ART AND THE SEARCH FOR BEAUTY journey How did you become an artist? I’ve been […]

Treize Bis

TReize bis In your eyes, the reflection of another world “My work is like that of a sampler: I go looking for images, which become my palette.” journey THE CHOICE OF GLUING old pictures photography and memory journey How did you start working the streets? Before I became Thirteen Bis I was a plastic artist. […]


LOISEAUCRAIE The anartist with free birds “This line is a rhythm that I have in my hand, combined with the feeling provided by the chalk passing over the roughness of each surface that will potentially change its path. It is sometimes compared to calligraphy.” wild bird free bird A CHALK TRACE MOVEMENT THE STREET AS […]


teuthis An Encyclopedia of Underwater Species “I must have in my subconscious a love for these shades of grey, and that’s why my drawings often have slightly faded colours, in pastel and desaturated tones.” journey Encyclopedia of Underwater Species Collage and the street journey How did you become an artist? I have always drawn and […]


HOROR A bestiary at the crossroads of graffiti and natural science “Showing what we’re into is something I think about a lot when working with animals. Like all living things, it’s a whole liquid, solid, mechanical and organic world.” journey A SPRAY OF BLACK, A SPRAY OF WHITE… work on the animal A FANTASY WORLD […]


louyz When personal heritage becomes urban history “A painted wall appeals to the passer-by, and one should not think too much about whether it is controversial or not.” a family heritage projects IN TROMPE-L’OEIL PERSONAL AND COLOURED URBAN WORK a family heritage How important has transmission been in your artistic career? I was born into […]


retro When Urban Art becomes Legend of the Centuries “Maybe I tend to want to put a bit too many references sometimes, when I just want to be able to convey something, a questioning, an emotion, or at least a slightly thoughtful approach to the subjects I tackle.” journey Retropolis CONSTANT RESEARCH Report to the […]

Claire Courdavault

claire courdavault When the body and Nature intertwine… “As soon as I forget about time, different spaces open up that take me into a kind of saving trance.” journey an organic work The spiritual character of creation Report to the street CIRCE AND VANDALIZED FEMINISM journey How did you become an artist? The first time […]

Dark Snooopy

dark snooopy AN URBAN LETTERING DIFFERENT FROM GRAFFITI abstract writing in the street Research and Sharing AN URBAN LETTERING DIFFERENT FROM GRAFFITI Your work being essentially calligraphic, how do you distinguish this form of expression from Graffiti as we usually hear it? Dark Snooopy appeared when I went to wastelands with friends to put my […]

Icy & Sot

icy & sot When Art seeps through the fence create in the street contextualize photography in conceptual art a commited work create in the street When did you begin to work in the street? Why and when did your stencils become more committed? Growing up, we spent more time in the street skating than at […]


Nemo A black silhouette, an extension of our childhood dreams Text by Pennac He is the mural painter of our shortcomings: we are heavy and he gives us to glide, we are serious and he gives us to play, we are pragmatic and he gives us to dream, we die of sterile fear and impotent […]


OBVIOUS Creation assisted by Artificial Intelligence “The algorithm has no past, no present, no future. It is created by humans to perform a task more efficiently.” OBVIOUS A CREATION ACCOMPANIED BY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE A CONCEPTUAL APPROACH QUESTIONS ASKED BY AI OBVIOUS AND THE ART MARKET OBVIOUS How did you form a collective?  It all starts […]


mani When drawing aims to freeze space and time “I still represent an action frozen in time. I then have the impression of taking a photograph of my imagination. Most people see it as a narrative, whereas I can’t tell where my characters were before and where they will be afterwards.” journey MECHANICS AND TIME […]


beerens Diving through schools of wallfish “It’s amazing that while for most people my paintings depict a vertical plane with a swimmer looking up, for me it’s a horizontal plane, and I’m looking at the end of the tunnel.” journey an evolving style schools of fish painting and diving street cred journey Your career has […]

Dime One

Dime One north wales, UK liverpool, UK How did you begin to work in the street? I got into painting through all the early breakdancing / graffiti that arrived in the early 80’s, but it wasn’t until about 86/87 before I started painting. Why street is a specific space for creation? It’s great painting something […]


furniss Telling stories through voice and image “It all starts with writing and vision, aesthetics and atmosphere.” essays The scene as a step Telling a story through voice, writing and image Create at 20 years old essays Essays, can refer both to a first draft, but also to a period of your life. The EP […]