Myriam Greff

Myriam Greff Kintsugi literally means “gold joints”. This technique of restoring ceramics is the art of fixing broken pottery with lacquer and gold dust, thus revealing the traces of the repair, while allowing the object to be reused. Legend has it that in the 15th century the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa sent a damaged bowl of […]

Cooking on TV

cooking on tv Recipe programs: the origins of entertainment from the master kitchen to the bedroom kitchen. A social marker of change between men and women? The 2000s: from Bon appétit of course! to Top Chef. The emission of recipes in the era of the Internet and new media. Recipe programs: the origins of entertainment […]


Nosbé When the repetition of the pattern brings the living out “What amazes me is that Mother Nature has thought of everything: a fish from the bottom of the deep is still much stranger than one of my creations.” premiers pas from line to fresco the deformation of living organisms wasteland painting first steps How […]

The Glass House

The glass house Meeting with its owner, Robert Rubin “We must understand the house as a very poetic idea of the possibilities offered by prefabrication, just as a car from 1896 is a very poetic idea of transport.” path Chareau’s work: an avant-garde architecture The unique project of a machine house Preservation and future of […]

Jean Faucheur

jean faucheur Vingt fois sur le métier remettez votre ouvrage “I think that the works have a mysterious way of acting, a mystery whose foam is only perceived. But they even work once they are destroyed.” first urban steps a constantly changing creation At the origin of the M.U.R.: the street is a breeding ground […]


ender The butterfly that wouldn’t leave the walls “Creating emotion is the goal of all of our work, even if it is not the one we had planned.” the stencil and the street the relativity of time transmit emotions and live with people the stencil and the street How did you start working on the […]


Lebichon A double of chalk to run on the walls of the city “A small thing done at a given time can influence the trajectory of another person quite significantly.” first steps on the street chalk as a material a simple and universal character street as a creative space first steps on the street How […]